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  • Are you self conscious about your smile?
  • Do your teeth and gums hurt or cause you dismay?
  • Is your smile holding you back from going after that dream job or love interest?
  • Are you ready to do something about it?
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Smile Design by Joanna Claustro DMD will allow you to achieve greater comfort, confidence, and peace of mind through high-quality diagnosis, patient education, and clinical dentistry.

Become one of the many patients whose lives have been dramatically transformed with Cosmetic and Rehabilitative Dentistry with Dr. Joanna Claustro in Ashburn, Virginia. All of us with Team Claustro know the value of a healthy and radiant smile, and the powerful impact it can have on a patient’s life and the lives of the people they love.

Every day we hear stories of people feeling inhibited by the feel and look of their smiles. There are the moms and dads that hold back smiles for photos even when they are feeling the love and joy in the moment. The young professional feeling less confident going into a boardroom meeting or interview because their teeth are crooked, worn, or stained. Our retirees with failing crowns and shifting teeth who, on top of feeling the weight of aging bear down on them, are noticing uncomfortable changes on how they speak or chew their food. All of these patients can more fully experience their lives through amazing dentistry in the hands of an experienced and well-trusted professional. No matter how “minor” or “severe” your concern is regarding your smile, we have options to address your needs.

Before treating any patient, Dr. Claustro takes time to connect with her patients so that she may better understand their desires, anxieties, expectations, and overall wellness goals. She takes a holistic approach to dental health and ensures that each and every Smile Design patient leaves with a smile that not only looks and feels good, but is also supported by a healthy foundation (believe it or not your airway and gut health can be contributing factors to rampant decay and tooth loss!). In short, we treat you the person, not just you as a mouth!

The Smile Design process includes detailed analysis of your health and dental histories; careful examination of your jaw joints, muscles, teeth, and gums; photography, imaging, and modeling to consider your teeth in relationship to other structures of your face; and close collaboration with top notch dental labs to ensure proper function and excellent esthetics. At every level of her dental practice, Dr. Claustro is passionate about inspiring her patients to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives -- Smile Design is the ultimate gift that she is able to provide her patients.

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Join the hundreds of patients whose lives and smiles have been transformed by Joanna Claustro, DMD and her amazing team of dental professionals in Ashburn, Virginia. You deserve the best, so go to the best.


We are so thankful for the trust that our patients impart on our team. Together, we celebrate their commitment to greater health and well-being. Here are our patients’ stories — we hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us daily!

  • Phil Fust, Owner Loudoun Brewing | Invisalign + Veneers
  • Sara Hiel, Engineer | Invisalign + Veneers
  • Gary Kidwell, Retired | Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • Linda F., Retired | Full Mouth Reconstruction

Every day we hear stories of people feeling inhibited by the feel and look of their smiles. We are here to free them from their insecurity and gain much-deserved confidence.