Three Dos and Don'ts With Invisalign® Treatment

By: Dr. Joanna Claustro


Straight teeth aren't just more aesthetic; they're also healthier. Misalignment and improper orientation can cause all sorts of problems, including the potential decay that occurs when teeth become harder to clean. Plus, an improper bite can make daily life a pain.

Invisalign aligners can fix multiple issues simultaneously, giving you a spectacular smile while improving your function and oral health. Want to learn more? Contact us today at Joanna Claustro DMD & Associates to schedule a consultation with Dr. Joanna Claustro in Ashburn, VA.

Dos of Invisalign treatment

1) Wear your Invisalign aligners for most of the day, every day. While your aligners are removable for mealtimes, brushing, and special events, the general guideline is to keep them in for at least 22 hours per day. This excellent orthodontic treatment offers accelerated results compared to traditional braces, potentially halving (or more) the time it takes to achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile. However, that expedited progress can't occur if patients don't adhere to their Invisalign treatment guidelines.

2) Enjoy the comfort of this advanced technique. Invisalign aligners remove some of the main complaints of traditional braces by minimizing the pain and improving your daily comfort. Since each aligner (you'll receive a new set every 7 – 14 days) only moves your teeth by a fraction of an inch, you won't have to put up with the pain, soreness, and aches of older orthodontic alternatives.

3) Revel in the daily freedoms offered by Invisalign. In addition to being able to remove your aligners daily for meals and hygiene, you'll benefit from the clear, almost-invisible quality of your aligners. This discreteness can equal improved self-confidence, and you'll be able to flash your smile and enjoy daily activities without being self-conscious about your appearance.

Don'ts of Invisalign treatment

1) Don't let your oral hygiene lapse. While Invisalign treatment offers advanced results at an accelerated rate, a straight smile is more beautiful when it's bright and brilliant. And maintaining your daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing routine is integral to keeping a spectacular smile. Additionally, proper hygiene habits are necessary to fight off common conditions such as gingivitis and tooth decay.

2) Don't leave your aligners in while eating or drinking. The ability to remove your Invisalign aligners is one of this orthodontic option's most significant advantages, as it lifts all eating restrictions. Patients can savor their favorite foods and snacks, some of which could not be enjoyed with traditional braces. Yet, be sure to remove your aligners when eating or drinking (anything other than water), as this could either damage or stain your retainers, robbing them of their effectiveness or their discreetness (the latter being another tremendous Invisalign advantage).

3) Don't hesitate to get in touch with us and explore the benefits of a straighter, healthier smile. If you're thinking about pursuing the smile-transforming benefits of Invisalign aligners, either for yourself or a loved one, don't hesitate. Earlier treatment often leads to a better outcome, and wouldn't you rather achieve these fantastic results sooner rather than later? Additionally, Invisalign treatment can fix numerous problems, including misalignment, which can cause further problems throughout the mouth if left untreated.

Enjoy an accelerated orthodontic outcome in Ashburn, VA

Invisalign aligners can improve your dental function and give you a more beautiful smile without the drawbacks of older alternatives. Your aligners will also be discreet and removable, so you can enjoy your favorite treats and practice proper hygiene. And with faster, more comfortable results, the advantages are clear (just like your aligners) to see. Simply contact Joanna Claustro DMD & Associates to explore your options with Dr. Joanna Claustro in Ashburn, VA.

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